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2023 AUCTION DATES October 4 November 1 December 6

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The Store

Our store is filled with some of the highest quality new and used furniture, antiques, collectibles, paintings, books, table linens and bedding. Since the inventory continuously changes, “You never know what you will find”.

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The Auction October 4 November 1 December 6

RPN Auction is held on the First Wednesday of each month. We always have a large assortment of items at each auction. You can view those items here or on Facebook and Auction Zip.

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Featured Items

RPN Sales is always getting new items for the store as well as for the Auction take a look at some of our featured items.

Client Testimonial

  • The show room has a nice cross section of used furniture. The prices are fair, but what is great is the Wednesday night auction! The first Wednesday of every month there is an auction, you can get there earlier an see what will be up for bidding. If no else wants what you want you will get it for a steal. Every auction is different but with low buyer fees and free cookies and coffee you should check it out. I have seen everything from vintage toys and comic books to brand new furniture. Towards the end of the night they have boxed lots that sell for really cheap and are a good shot at getting a bargain. This is also a great experience if you were ever wondering "where do all these guys at Maxwell street get their stuff?" Bob D.

  • Great place to buy. Found one of my best finds ever at their auction. Highly Recommended! Ron S.

  • love combing through resale shops and RPN has a lot of stuff - furniture, housewares, bedding, books, trinkets and "dustables." Theirs a mixture of new and used items and a very helpful and enthusiastic staff. They hold auctions the first Wednesday of the month. Camille O.