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family-photoBill Gunderson created RPN Sales over 30 years ago when he left the Moving & Storage business and saw an opportunity in the liquidation business. RPN Sales, a family owned business, represents the names of sons Roger, Paul and wife Nancy — Bill was the “Sales.” Gaining valuable experience while traveling to various wholesale houses and auctions, Bill was always looking for the best deals to resell at auctions and at Maxwell Street.

RPN Sales established themselves in a store on Milwaukee Avenue in Chicago in 1994. Starting initially in a 4,000 square foot store they moved a block up the street to a much larger, more modern and customer friendly location in 2004.

In this new store you will find some of the highest quality new and used furniture, antiques, collectables, paintings, electronics, books, bedding, and linens. RPN takes great pride in providing selected merchandise to fit every budget and has created a friendly and relaxed shopping atmosphere. Over the years the store has generated a following of customers who shop for that unique piece or item. Since the inventory continuously changes, “You never know what you will find”.

In 1996 RPN Sales created the in-house auction, which has become a staple and mainstay for RPN Sales. The Auctions are on the first Wednesday of every month starting at 6:00 p.m. RPN is thrilled that their auction is large enough to provide a large diverse selection of merchandise for sale.

Use the buttons to the left to get a quick look at our store, get more information about our auction items and auction schedule or to view and download the flyer for our upcoming auction.